Have a voice on issues which affect you:-


- Pollution 

- Housing

- Schools



As a member of the Labour Party you are also part of the local Putney Labour Party

  • Help set local and national policy
  • Represent the local party at regional and national events
  • Become a councillor

As a member you will have a real say in how our party, our borough and our country are run. If you want to make a real difference in your local community and in the Labour party, then join us now.

Want to help out 

As a supporter you can make a real difference both locally and nationally by helping us to spread our message across the constituency. Whether that is by knocking on doors with us, sending letters or just helping us out in our office, there is always something you can do to help create a fairer Putney.

As a people's party we are only as strong as our membership. If you support us, want a Labour government or want a Labour council, we need you with us. So don't delay, join today! Get in touch to find out when we will next be meeting and when/where our next campaigning activities are.

Help us build a better borough and a better Britain.