Elections Info

The next election in Putney is the United Kingdom General Election on Thursday the 8th of June. The Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Putney is Dr Neeraj Patil, a consultant in Emergency Medicine and a former Mayor of Lambeth.

Voting by Post

A postal vote is perfect for anyone with a busy schedule which may prevent them from voting on election day. Postal votes will be delivered roughly a week before the election to anyone signed up and can be sent back at any time, provided that the vote arrives at the electoral office before 10pm on election day. Dropping your vote in the postbox on the way to work is generally more convenient than voting in person, which is why we at Putney Labour Party advise our supporters to apply for one. Don't worry if you don't send off your vote in time - you can still vote in person! Just head down to the polling station with your postal vote and you can drop it off there.


Registering to Vote

Voting allows you to decide who is will govern our country for the next 5 years, which is why it is so important to register to vote. If you don't then your voice will not be heard!

Everyone who is over 18 and a citizen of the UK, a Commonwealth country or the Irish Republic can vote in the General Election. Registering to vote is easy and can be done online or by post. Remember though - the deadline to register for this election is the 22nd of May. If you register after this date then you will not be able to vote this time round!

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